Tax Preparation:
We offer the following tax preparation services:

  • Individual
  • Corporate
  • Partnership / L.L.C.

Tax Planning:
Shaw & Associates, P.C. encourages consistent contact with clients throughout the year in order to provide proper tax planning and projections. Tax techniques and other tax-saving suggestions are offered in your personal tax appointment.

Business Consulting:

  • Setting Up Your New Business
  • Entity Selection
  • Cash Flow Management
  • Representation Before the IRS
  • Revenue and Expenses Analysis
  • Fraud Checkups
  • General Business Consulting

Quickbooks Consulting & Bookkeeping

  • Monthly Accounting Procedures
  • Monthly / Quarterly Financial Statements
  • Remote Login Consulting
  • Location Based Consulting
  • Cleanup of Company Books & Records

Payroll Services:

  • Weekly, Bi-Weekly, Semi-Monthly, or Monthly Payroll Services
  • Preparation of Quarterly Payroll Tax Reports
  • Preparation of W-2 Statements
  • Direct Deposit Options
  • Prepartion of 1099 Statements

When compared to national payroll companies, our services tend to be more personal, accurate, and cost effective.

Mortgage Service:
Josh Shaw is a licensed loan officer with Academy Mortgage Corporation, and can provide full mortgage origination services.  By integrating mortgage services with our accounting practice, we can offer our clients great service, low rates, and excellent tax planning opportunities.

NMLS ID: 308418

License # 6645727-MLAF

Hill Field’s Branch License Information:

License # 5491140-MLCO

NMLS ID: 147903

Utah’s Corporate License Information

License # 5491140-MLCO

NMLS ID: 3113

Mortgage Services include:

  • Purchases
  • Refinances
  • Lot Loans
  • Construction Loans

Retirement Planning:
Shaw & Associates, P.C., works closely with Certified Financial Planners to ensure that our clientele’s retirement needs are met. 

Health Insurance:

Shaw & Associates has licensed insurance agents that can assist clients with both group and indiviual health insurance needs.