Scentsy Presentation

Here are the slides from the Scentsy presentation on How To Organize Your Business and Minimize Your Taxes.

2017 Tax Key Facts

1. Social Security Taxable Wage Base for 2017 is $127,200

Twelve ways to improve your Business Profits

1. Beware of Credit Card Debt
2. Take Cash Discounts
3. Manage your company’s growth
4. Control fraud inside and out
5. Learn to read between the lines
6. Get to know your competitors
7. Test your marketing techniques
8. Review your legal entity
9. Get into a buying alliance
10. Be good to your customers
11. Sign all checks personally
12. Address customer complaints
* Please contact our office if you would like to discuss any way to improve your business profits

Don’t be Fooled, Phone Scams Continue to Be Serious Threat Nationwide

WASHINGTON — As April 1st approaches, the IRS warns taxpayers not to be fooled by the tricks scammers use to take advantage of those they target. Scammers use fake names, prov ide bogus IRS badge numbers and alter caller ID numbers to make it look like the IRS is calling.

IRS Issues Statement On Unauthorized Access Of Taxpayer Transcripts

The Internal Revenue Service has issued a statement regarding the unauthorized access of taxpayer information using the “Get Transcript” application. Follows is the statement in full: