About Us

Shaw and Associates, P.C. was established in 1998 by owner and founder Bradley V. Shaw.  With a client base encompassing Utah and surrounding states, Shaw & Associates P.C., is committed to forging strong relationships with their clientele, businesses, and individuals alike.

Our firm offers a variety of services, including Tax Planning and Preparation for Corporations, Limited Liability Companies, and Individuals. We assist our clients with proper Business Organization, Complete Electronic Payroll Services, Retirement Planning, Mortgage Services, Health Insurance Services, and QuickBooks Consulting.

Our corporate clients range from small to medium sized businesses and vary across a wide spectrum of business types that include construction, fast food franchises, outside sales and professionals such as physicians, attorneys and architects, among others.

We pride ourselves on maintaining positive client relationships by meeting with clients on a regular and consistent basis, returning telephone calls and emails timely, and by providing up-to-date tax and financial information as a trusted advisor to our clients. The excellence we provide is based on years of experience in the accounting and tax fields, the latest in education pursuits, and staying current with the constant changes to the Internal Revenue Code.

Bradley V. Shaw

Brad graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in accounting from Weber State College in 1980. He began his career in the audit department of a national accounting firm in Salt Lake City, Utah. In 1983 he joined a regional firm in Ogden, Utah where his main focus was small business services including tax and accounting services.

As the president of Shaw & Associates, P.C., Brad specializes in tax planning and preparation for small to medium sized businesses as well as business organization. Brad is very involved in the community and has served as a Board Member for several organizations.

Brad and his wife Cindy live in Morgan, Utah and are the parents of four children, Nathan, Staci, Joshua and Connor.

Nathan R. Shaw

Nate graduated Magna Cum Laude from Weber State University with a Bachelor’s degree in accounting in 2004. He also received a Masters of Professional Accountancy degree, with an emphasis in taxation, from Weber State University in 2005, graduating with Honors.

Nate joined Shaw & Associates, P.C. in 2001 and is currently involved in tax planning and preparation for corporations, limited liability companies and individuals. He also specializes in business consultation, health insurance services, retirement planning and QuickBooks computer consulting.

Nate is very involved in community and service organizations.

Joshua B. Shaw

Josh graduated from Weber State University with a Bachelor’s degree in accounting in December of 2008. He also received a Masters of Accounting degree with an emphasis in Taxation in July of 2010  from Weber State University.

Josh joined Shaw & Associates, P.C., in 2004 and currently manages the payroll and mortgage services departments of the firm. He is heavily involved in tax planning and preparation. Josh is also a Certified Loan Officer for the State of Utah.